Monday, 4 June 2012

Yumalicious, Victoria Square - the third

Today's goal was to complete my trifector of Yumalicious tastings - the banh mi. I ordered a roll with the lot without having any idea what that entailed.


Not knowing what meat went onto the banh mi I found it a little hard to identify. I can tell you that there were two types of meat - at least one of which was chicken. The other - probably pork - had an almost mustard-y flavour to it. Of high quality the roll was crunchy and chewy while the vegetables (including red onion and spring onion - which I haven't seen on a banh mi before) were plentiful, fresh and crisp. The chillies they put on the roll were not particularly hot but the heat was bolstered by what tasted like sweet chilli sauce. I'm not overly fond of sweet chilli sauce but it was applied with a deft hand so added some welcome sweetness rather than overpowering the other flavours.

Once again, the service was impeccable and at $5.00 this roll sits squarely in the middle of the banh mi price range and is definitely one I'd order again.

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