Friday, 8 June 2012

Jas Cafe Bakehouse, Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre

I'm lucky enough to have a couple of days off work - but that doesn't mean I get to rest. Oh no. No rest for wicked - and I'm REALLY bad. Really, really bad. Shamone. Etc.

Anyway, this morning I put the car in for service, had a session with the personal trainer and picked the young fella from childcare.

Now, I don't know about you but nothing says gym workout recovery to me like bakery food... anyone else? No? Just me? Moving on... Jas Cafe Bakehouse has just opened up in the Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre and is just around the corner from the young fella's childcare.

I reckon you can tell a lot about bakery by their sausage roll and pasty. Considered the poor cousins of pastry by some - if time and effort have gone into these you can bet that the big sellers are going to be good too.


Of common or garden variety, the sausage roll didn't blow my tiny little mind but there was nothing wrong with it either. The (pork and possibly veal?) sausage meat was incredibly dense, well seasoned and wrapped in flaky pastry. I may not rate it but the young fella yummed it up.

The pasty was quite good though - the salty, veggie filling was almost mashed which I thought unusual. The young fella avoided this one though - I suspect because it was filled with vegetables.


Today's taste test is inconclusive. I think Jas Cafe Bakehouse could be pretty good but needs a bit more time to find it's feet - and I need to taste some more of their baked goods.

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