Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cibo Espresso, King William Street

Venus moved across the face of the sun today and I heard that the Astronomical Society of South Australia as well as CSIRO Education had set telescopes for the public to view this rare planetary movement. Keen to see the transit of Venus for myself I had planned to grab something to go and head down to the Adelaide Festival Centre Plaza. My co-orbital-gawker suggested we order from Cibo. Having not eaten anything from Cibo for some years I readily agreed.

I ordered the focaccia calabrese - spicy sopressa salami with olive tapenade, tomato, provolone cheese. I almost baulked at the price ($12 for a toasted sandwich??!!) - but having ordered we hotfooted it down the Festival Centre.


Leaving aside the price this crunchy focaccia was actually pretty good - a nice spicy kick from the salami was lifted by salty olive tapenade and melted provolone cheese.

But what really made today's lunch was the atmosphere at the Festival Centre - I know I felt as though my IQ had jumped a couple of points from doing something historic and science- and think everyone else was feeling the same. It was also an expected chance geeky astronomy types to chat-up chicks. If you look closely at the picture below I'm pretty sure there's an astronomer asking a women to "check out the size of my telescope..."


Forking out $12 for a toasted sandwich regularly is a bit rich for my blood but it was pretty good and the perfect thing to eat while watching celestial orbs pass by each other.


  1. Sounds like the perfect thing to munge down whilst observing the sky. The sandwich looks big as well. Heh. I too, just had my first bite at Cibo earlier this week - had the focaccia. Not bad, light, tasty and quick! :)

    1. It was the right thing to munch on while watching the transit of venus - but does that mean the next time I order from Cibo will be in 140-odd years?