Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ricky's Kitchen, South Cross Arcade

It finally feels like Ricky's Kitchen has reached it's promising potential.

Comparisons to Ricky's Chicken Rice were always initially going to be unfavourable. When I first ate at Ricky's Kitchen - just after he shifted from his chicken rice stall in the China Town Food Court - I was disappointed. The soul of his food seemed to have disappeared. I recall hoping that Ricky just needed to get know his new dishes and kitchen a little better. I'm pleased to report that this indeed seems to be the case.

Firm and fatty with crunchy crackling and scattered with fresh coriander and spring onion the crispy pork was very good indeed. The sauce the noodles were served in was light but full of flavour and didn't dominate or detract from the crispy pork.

What I (and most people I think) love most about eating at Ricky's are the dipping sauces. The green spring onion sauce has regained it's earthy almost mustard-y bite while the red chilli sauce is back to it's sharp, hot almost tropical self. 


Watching Ricky's finesse while slicing and chopping joints of meat for dishes is one of the new mesmerising pleasures of the new open kitchen - and gives you something to do while you endure the long wait for food from this now popular stall. If he continues in this vein Ricky's Kitchen will no doubt achieve the cult status Ricky's Chicken Rice had.

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