Monday, 16 July 2012

Klaus's Wurst Haus, Victor Harbor

A fortnight ago I put the call out to see if anyone knew of better Adelaide hotdog than Wendy's (here

Well, I found one. It's not quite in Adelaide - it's from Klaus's Wurst Haus in Victor Harbor and despite it being less of a haus and more of a essenwagen (rough google translation of food van) it's probably the best darn hotdog I've ever had.

I've had hotdogs from Klaus's before and this time I ordered the Vienna sausage with sauerkraut, fried onions, cheese and curry tomato sauce. You know how food often doesn't taste as good as you remember it? Klaus's bucks that trend - it actually tasted better. MUCH better.


Klaus's uses a sausage cooking method that I haven't often seen - boiling each sausage until firm and then charring on a grill. I really rate this method - although you can't see it the sausage developed a wonderful snap and had a noticeably smokey taste. Hot sauerkraut cut through the fatty richness of the sausage while the caramelised onions added some sweetness. Warmed in some sort of bun warming cabinet thingo the light white bun had the perfect amount of crunch and chewiness.

What really made this hotdog was the curry tomato sauce - sweet, savoury, deeply tomato-y and with curry flavour and heat to spare this sauce really packed a punch. No wonder currywurst is all the range in Deutschland.

I know Klaus's Wurst Haus is a bit too distant for most CBD 9-5ers to drop by for lunch but if you ever find yourself Victor this is the place to hit up.

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