Monday, 30 July 2012

From Scratch, Leigh St Pop Up

Today was the first day of the Leigh Street closure. It might sound odd to trumpet the closing of a street but banning motor vehicles means more space for pedestrians, cafe frequenters, diners and generally hipsters like you and I. It's all part of the State Government and City Council's push to bring the vibe back to the Adelaide CBD. I reckon it's a great idea - the wooden furniture and alfresco dining look great. Sure, it looks a little quite now but this was first thing on a cold winter's morning. Come back at lunchtime during summer and I guarantee Leigh St will be jumping.


My sources (well, twitter really) told me that From Scratch had arranged a celebratory pop-up pastry stall with Coffee Branch providing the java - an extremely attractive proposition. I picked up a rum and raisin scroll and then waited in line for a flat white with the other cool kids in Coffee Branch.


I wouldn't call myself a coffee connoisseur but I know what like and Coffee Branch do a good cup'o'java - warm, rich and creamy.

And the rum and raisin scroll was amazing - sugary glazed slight chewy pastry dotted with plump, juicy, slightly rummy raisins.


There is a weeks worth of closed Leigh St celebrations coming up. I'm planning to eat as much as I can!

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  1. Congrats to From scratch on a successful popup! We love to hear about the reinvigoration of Adelaide streets. Bring it on!

    Team Zedz (Zedz Cafe in Adelaide's famous Central Market)

    1. Agreed. Presumably its good for you guys too. More people in town must mean more market goers.