Monday, 30 July 2012

Bing Boy, Southern Cross Arcade

Sounding more like street slang for a lady-boy hooker than a salad filled pancake Bing Boy is a relative newcomer to Adelaide's food courts. A year-or-so ago I had my first Bing Boy experience - I found it gritty and overly sauced and I've avoided it ever since. To be clear - I'm talking about the pancake, not lady-boys.

Requiring a certain amount of convincing and arm-twisting, I returned to Bing Boy with a good mate recently (again - for pancakes not lady-boys).

I ordered a 'pretty n' peking'. This is a pancake with peking duck, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, wonton pieces and hoisin sauce; not a lady-boy in Pekinese costume. 


I'm pleased to say Bing Boy is much improved (pancake not lady-boy). The wanton pieces were crunchy rather than gritty; the sauce was apply with skill and deftness; the salad was fresh and crisp; and the duck tasted somewhat like duck.


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  1. How many times do you want to repeat the same "lady boy" joke...what an absolute piece of rubbish review, for an equally rubbish food.