Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wendy's, Myer Centre Food Court

I had a Wendy's shake'n'dog combo for lunch today. For me, Wendy's has always been more about the milkshakes and hotdogs rather than the ice cream. Shun me if you will but Wendy's retains a certain magical high school nostalgia - more so than Hungry Jacks or McDonalds or KFC. In many ways, Wendy's represented the pinnacle of adolescent achievement. Because the outlets were less accessible you had have the means to get yourself there (a car and a certain amount of freedom) and once there you had to be able to afford to buy your meal (implying a high school job of sort) and the outlets were usually located by the beach or near cinemas (which often meant babes and dates).

Today's meal was my old stand-by of chocolate thick shake and a hotdog with butter, BBQ sauce, mustard and cheese.


Thick and cold and sweet and chocolatey the thick shake was just as I remembered it. Because I can hoover down a milkshake in 30 seconds I always order a thick shake. It might be smaller but it takes much longer to knock back and means you've usually got something to drink with the dry nub of roll at the end of the hotdog.

And this is probably the great flaw of the Wendy's hotdog - the final nub. The fourth to last and third to last bites are invariably the best. There's still some dog left and all the buttery/cheesy/saucy goodness has oozed down to the bottom to create a mouthful of ultimate flavour. The second to last bite probably still has some residual flavour ooze and is ok. But the last bite - just a disappointingly dry heel of bread. I mean, look how far the dog is poking out of the bun. No wonder the flavour doesn't reach the bottom.


Having said all that, Wendy's probably still do the best hotdogs available in Adelaide (but I'm happy to be corrected). I'm not sure whether that's an indictment on Adelaide's hotdog scene (does Adelaide even have a hotdog scene?) or my own tastes. Regardless, Wendy's will always take me back to those halcyon high school days of hot cars, hot babes and hotdogs.


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  2. Love a good Wendy's Hotdog and am loving the idea of this blog. Very much enjoyed. Also the Gourmet Hotdog stand in the Central Markets could be a rival!

    1. I once thought so too - but the last couple times I ordered a dog from the Gourmet Hotdog stand the buns were a little old...