Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Yumalicious, Victoria Square - again

I was so impressed with Yumalicious yesterday (especially the service) that I decided to return for lunch today. And I also happened to be running an errand to the post office which is just nearby.

Today I ordered egg noodles with BBQ chicken, mushrooms and cabbage from their ready to go bain marie. I also scored another FREE cup of chicken and corn soup.


Firm, salty and well oiled (sounds sexy, right?) the BBQ chicken was well flavoured and toothsome. Braised without being mushy the mushroom retained its firm texture and some earthiness. Unfortunately, the cabbage had nothing to recommended it - neither flavour not texture. The egg noodles were a little bland but not at all greasy and did a wonderful job of soaking up the sauce from the chicken and mushrooms.

Today's soup seemed more likely to be out of the can than yesterday's (probably the same soup mind you) but it was heavily peppered and hot and therefore enjoyable.

A pretty good meal for $7.80 but not quite as good as yesterday's. The service was just as friendly though.

I noticed today that Yumalicious also do banh mi so I might try and check that out tomorrow.

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