Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fiesta Yiros, David Jones Food Court

Fiesta Yiros SOUNDS like a confusion of mexican and greek cuisines. It gets even stranger because Fiesta Yiros do what I think is probably the best Turkish pide in the Adelaide CBD. I always stop off for one whenever I'm lucky enough to be that side of town.

Today I ordered the chef's special - a pide stuffed with yiros chicken, turkish salami, onion, feta cheese and chilli. It's a bit of a carnivore's delight so for an extra buck (and to trick myself into thinking I was eating something healthy) I ordered a small side salad (of lettuce, tomato and tabouli) and a splash of garlic sauce.


Meaty, salty and spicy the pide - excellent in its own right - benefited from the herby crunch of the salad and cooling tanginess of the garlic sauce.


What really sets the Fiesta Yiros pide apart from other pides in the Adelaide CDB is the sesame flecked dough. The bread is always baked to a golden hue, has slight crunch and I've never had an old or stale tasting one (unlike other pide vendors - who shall remain nameless - that allow their pides to sit and go limp in the bain marie).

At $8.50 for a pide with salad, I'd be here all the time if I was on this side of town more often.

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