Monday, 30 April 2012

Cafe 146, Gawler Place

This is a slice of pizza from Cafe 146 along Gawler Place.


They promised BBQ chicken pizza and they more or less delivered. It was a triangle of cooked dough (albeit without much flavour), chicken of the sandwich meat variety (which I'm not convinced belongs on a pizza) and an overgenerous splash of BBQ sauce.

It wasn't an awful slice of pizza but wasn't that good either. To be fair, I only eat at Cafe 146 when I'm low on time because they're nearby and fairly fast with their specials. And I have had a number of pretty damn good chicken schnitzel sandwiches here.

But if you are going to have a cheeky piece of lunch time pizza then you are probably better off going to Romano's in Southern Cross Arcade.

The dough has more taste, the range of flavours is broader, the toppings are better quality and you get two pieces of pizza and a can of soft drink for the some price as one slice at Cafe 146.

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