Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bite into Asia, Wyatt Street

Just as sushi joints appeared like a delicious plague in the late 90’s, in the last 5 or so years banh mi outlets have popped up all over the Adelaide CBD. Amongst other lunch options, Bite into Asia do a pretty good version of the banh mi.

Spawned during Vietnam’s French Colonial period, the favourite son of the salad baguette and native Vietnamese ingredients, banh mi are an affordable, healthy and deliciously exotic sandwich replacement option.

Bite into Asia is a little hole-in-the-wall place in Wyatt Street. It’s seemingly unsuspecting appearance hides one of Adelaide’s better banh mi.

The store is tiny, with minimal seating, so don’t plan to stay and eat your banh mi. However, the lines are usually short and the service is certainly speedy.

Bite into Asia is at the more expensive end of the banh mi price spectrum, setting you back $5.50. However, the price of admission is certainly worth the ride. The rolls are always fresh and unlike other Vietnamese rolls, the bread has the prefect ratio of crunch to chew.

What I really like about the banh mi here is the options of fillings. Sure, they’ve got your standard bbq and teriyaki chicken. But they’ve also got satay beef, grilled lamb and Thai lime chicken (the only filling which I have thus far found slightly underwhelming). I went with the grilled lamb today, which was as tender and delicious as usual. They’re also pretty generous with the salad fillings.

The banh mi at Bite in Asia may not be either the biggest or the best in Adelaide (and you won’t find fillings like Vietnamese ham or headcheese), but like Shane Watson they’re a pretty good all-rounder and definitely worth a try.

Bite into Asia also offer a few noodle/rice/salad options, but these are probably overpriced for the amount/quality.

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